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Well, I thought I’d pop along to the SES conference yesterday, it was up in London at the Queen Elizabeth II conference centre, and when I say pop, what I actually mean is drive to my local train station, find a space, walk down and get on attending an seo conferencethe train, sit on that for an hour and a half to Paddington Station , then spend about 20 minutes on the tube and another 5 minutes walk at the other end.

I must have only been there for under an hour, I got there too late to go into the session in the morning, so wandered around the stalls for a little while, got chatting to the software vendors (is it just me, or do all the software products just seem to be aggregating other peoples data for reporting purposes these days?) then had a bit to eat, stood around for a bit, then decided to see what the afternoon session was. It turned out to be about the Bing and Yahoo merger, which to be perfectly honest doesn’t really interest me, as unless they start gaining some search engine market share, I will continue to ignore them and their results anyway.

So all in all a bit of a waste of time, although I guess when you are a Swindon seo, who lives out of town, you have to come to expect longer journeys, although I was back early enough to walk the dogs in the daylight, so they were happy at least.

Written by stevie B

02/23/2011 at 11:23

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