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Do Keywords in the Domain Still Help?

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to this one, as a quick Google search for any common term (or an uncommon one for that matter) will return several results with all or at least one of the keywords from the web users search string in the url, or failing that, at least in the folder or file extension.

I guess the real question is why would the search engines, and Google in particular give this metric such an emphasis for SEO purposes? It’s incredibly easy to manipulate so therefore is, very often, but why would Google in particular let companies and organisations get away with it? After all, if your company is called ABC Taxi Co you have a good keyword rich domain available to you (provided it’s available at all), but if your company was called AB Price Ltd, there is no prominent keyword in the likely domain name, yet your business could be bigger, longer established and more profitable than the taxi firm.

The only thing I can think is that they know that in time the domain names which are registered will become so numerous that everyone will have their own small bite of the cherry, or perhaps as many bites as they have the time to set up multiple sites! Take a couple of websites in my area of expertise, first you have Jump Web Design, this is a brand new website, but the company name itself is specifically targeted at the keyword search for which they wish to appear. Because it is brand new, I will be watching it carefully as I want to see just how easily and how long it takes then to reach page one (if at all of course).

Then we have the big boys such as SEOMoz they are completely the other end of the scale, a long established business who have been offering SEO services for many years and now only to other companies in the industry, no longer to the end user company. They have SEO in their name too, so I assume it worked back then too.

So it would appear that having keywords in a domain name does help, even a folder or file path seems to have some small effect too, how much longer this will apply is anyone’s guess though.

Written by stevie B

04/28/2011 at 08:16

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