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Trying to think of an SEO connection for this

Someone sent me this picture recently and I’ve been trying to think of a story which is related to online marketing or at least websites and seo in some way but I just can’t find a connection, so decided to just add it anyway, after all, it’s good practice to keep adding content regularly and I’ve just realised it was about a month ago that I last added something! I’m not sure if very little text and a great big image counts, but I guess we will see if this post get’s indexed and cached, although I wouldn’t expect it to rank anywhere.

You gotta admit it’s a great picture, I guess this will become a more common scene in the UK, if this recession doesn’t start to give way soon, although this does possibly take the self sufficiency thing a bit far!

Written by stevie B

05/26/2011 at 11:48

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