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Important Website Design Rules

The Most Important Rules of Website Design

When creating a website, you only have one chance to keep your visitors from clicking on the back button on their internet web browser.  It doesn’t matter whether you are selling a product or a service, your site represents your company, and you want to make sure that you are putting your most professional foot forward. After all you certainly don’t want to spend money on designing and having SEO done on your site, just to loose visitors. Just like a work interview, you have approximately ten seconds in which to make your best first impression.  This first impression can mean the difference between a paying customer and simply a visitor that has found your site.

Here are 5 Easy Rules to Bear in Mind when Designing your Site:

First of all, either limit the use of or completely do away with the usage of banners and advertisements.  There is a time and place for these, but not on your homepage.  The only exception to this rule is that a customer would be coming to you to see banners or advertisements, such as if you are a marketing company offering web advertising, the visitor will want to know what he or she is paying for.

Next, be sure you design your site with simple navigation in your mind, this is also an important SEO factor. Look at the site as if you are your own visitor. If it’s hard for you to navigate it will likely be hard for the visitor in order to navigate. Visitors should possess a clear sign of where they’re at on your website and how you can navigate around your website.

designer throwing paintIt pays to include an “about us” page along with a “contact page” for the visitor to obtain some understanding of who your company is, what your company is regarding, and how you can contact a person for more information.

The color of the website is an essential part of the website style. Colors which are too vibrant or dark might be hard upon some site visitors’ eyes. It may actually trigger some in order to strain to see your info.

Excessive utilization of font colors could be annoying as well, to these potential customers. Try to remain with a maximum of three font colors throughout your site.  The Jump Web Design site is a good example of how keeping fonts and colours to a minimum can keep a site looking crisp and fresh.  For instance: If your site is aimed toward older clientele you might want to use enjoyable colors. It’s not a secret once we grow old our vision becomes sub-standard.  Think of the audience as well and gear the actual colors utilized on your website towards the audience you’re catering to and wish to attract. Font colors and web site colors ought to be one consideration when making your web site.

When doing web design, you should seriously consider the loading time. The time it requires your webpages to load is crucial. You may reduce launching time through reducing images on every page. A great website style should take under 5 seconds to load.  The longer it requires the webpages to load the more frustrating it may be to the web visitor and search engines, as the load time of a page is important to how Google ranks your site too, if in doubt you should find a professional seo services company and take their advice.  People want to buy yesterday, not really today, and not at all tomorrow, because of the nature that people have become accustomed to of getting what they want, when they want it.

Use the font dimension and style that’s common to any or all web site browsers and readable. You have to consider your marketplace. If you’re selling a service or product that can be used by older individuals you might want to increase the actual font.

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