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seo secretsI’m quite an active member of a few of the bigger seo forums and as such the same old questions tend to come around time and time again, “when is the next pr update?”, “why has my website vanished from google?”, or the one this post is about, “what is the next big thing” or “what are the new seo sectets for 2012?”, well if you can’t be bothered to read any further, and you likely can’t if you are expecting someone like me to tell you how to find that magic wand which will accelerate you to top place in Google, thousands of daily visitors and untold riches.

Why would you know anyway?

Well, while I’m not an old original SEO’er from the early 90′s, I have been around for a while, tested a few things and paid a lot of attention to some of the experts over the last 10 years. This, it seems is enough for me to know a lot more than the vast majority of people who seem to think they can set up an seo business just because they have heard of Google and read a couple of articles.

So what is the next big thing though?

The fact is that there isn’t one, I’ve seen and on a couple of occasions inherited customers who have tried all the tricks in the book (and there have been a lot over the last few years), and while some of them have gained the occasional positions up the SERP’s, most have quickly lost them again and a few have been banned completely.

SEO is quite simple really, just follow good practice and do it well.

Written by stevie B

04/25/2012 at 15:37

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