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While I wouldn’t call myself an seo expert, well, not yet anyway, but I’m working on it, I probably know a bit more than most it would appear, I don’t mean to brag, but I can achieve good ranks for my customers while I see many many companies who can’t. So it got me thinking about why that might be and it seems to come down to two main factors.

The first is the old thing about getting your keyword research right, I’m a huge advocate of spending a significant amount of time working on keyword research.  I don’t just mean running a few terms through the Google Adwords tool and being done with it, although this does have it’s place before developing a brand new website, albeit along with a few other techniques. But I mean the type of research which can only be done by having Analytics installed on a site and spending some time to dig deep enough into that data to make it really start working for you.

I also suggest you completely ignore all those posts and articles out there on the internet who suggest that you copy your competitors keyword research, OK it’s very easy to do, just have a look at what’s in their keywords meta tag and focus on those, but wait a sec!  How do you know they got their research right in the first place? What makes you think that they are better at it than you?

So the other point which I believe makes me a little different from 99% of companies out there is that I try to only work with companies in a market I already either understand, or have other customers who are in it already, why? It’s simple, if I have a customer in the travel industry, lets say they are a travel agent and I’m developing content for them, it’s just as easy to develop content for another one. Then that stems out to other related industries, ticket sales, car hire, holiday packages etc, so soon I am seen as an expert in tourism SEO so that’s a good thing, as now every time I find a good site to drop a link on for one client, I can do it for several, I may find a business directory which has a good section on travel and tourism, or even better is a niche industry directory, so I can add all my customers to it. This means that I am working faster and smarter, so my customers get better value from the work I do for them.

Written by stevie B

03/02/2011 at 11:33

Posted in seo, tourism