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There are a massive number of seo companies around these days, there are some very good ones, a lot of mediocre ones and even more who are either just after your money, or genuinely don’t know what they are doing in the first place, not that I’m saying that is any better. So in such a fiercely competitive market, how do you decide who you can trust and who you can’t? The unfortunate truth is that it’s very difficult, however here are a few tips to help you avoid a few of the common pitfalls.

1. Can they optimise their own website? We get numerous emails and people completing our enquiry forms internetselling seo services, if they even provide a website address at all, it is never found for any of their keywords, so the simple lesson here is that if they can’t even optimise their own website, how do they expect to do yours! The best way of finding a good seo company is to do a search for something like “seo company in Wiltshire” (assuming that’s where you live of course) this should come up with someone like or if you are looking for a company who can get you national coverage in the search engines, try a UK SEO company

2. Are they based in the same country as you? Whilst it isn’t essential that they are from a general search engine optimisation perspective, there are huge numbers of companies who are based out in india and the likes, many of these (although not all) have very little experience and knowledge about the subject, so make sure they show a UK address and telephone number on the website.

3. What have they done for other companies? If they have been around for a while who else have they worked for? what results have they achieved for them? Although many companies will not want this information bandied around they should be able to give you at least one good example of their work.

4. What will they actually do? There should be no secrecy around this, a good seo consultant will explain what is being done to optimise your website and provide regular seo reports on both their activity and the results, such as ranked positions, number of site visitors or clicks and even how the site visitors are interacting with your site (entry pages, exit pages and which are converting visitors the best)

5. Do they blog?  Most companies of a reasonable size will have information which they make public, this could be news stories, updates on products and services or free information, this is usually posted in a blog, see if they use one and update it reasonably often. It doesn’t have to be daily, or even weekly, but if it’s been abandoned for several months, it would indicate that they are not as conscientious as they could be.

All that being said, remember that there are some very good, ethical companies out there who get solid results, these companies usually follow the real seo gurus out there, but not just follow their advice blindly, but also test things out for themselves to ensure they are following the best advice and practices. People like Matt Cutts who actually works for Google and often blogs and comments about very up to date seo practices, and rand fishkin of seo moz is also considered well worth a read.

Written by stevie B

10/21/2010 at 15:14